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CMS Restoration Progress

As of today (March 15, 2015) a couple of the Galleries are back.

To whit:


Veneto Plain & Venice Australia  Patagonia Toadstool

What comes next will depend a bit on my ongoing Aperture->Capture One migration, which will be the subject of a separate article soon.



Veneto Plain and Venice Gallery

In late September/early October we took a trip to northern Italy, specifically the Veneto plain region and Venice, to attend the European Society of Veterinary Orthopedics and Traumatology conference. A smallish gallery, mainly of "intimate vignette" shots rather than grand scenics, is now up and can be accessed from the Gallery link, or by clicking on the image below.

Ventian Mask

Australia Gallery

In April of 2014 we took a long delayed and overdue trip back to Australia, spending time in Brisbane, Tasmania, Victoria and then back to SE Qld to end the trip on the Sunshine Coast at Alexandra Headlands. Let me just say that Australia has become MUCH more expensive in the time I have been away.

This was more of a family trip than an image hunting expedition, but a selection of photographs from the trip are now up in the Australia '14 gallery, accessible by clicking the image below, or from the Galleries link on the top menu.


Dolphins are cool.